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Customer Stories Up Hoteles

Up Hoteles expands its portfolio and redefines midscale hotel management with Cloudbeds

Key Insights

Easy-to-implement at multiple property locations
Greater optimization of daily operations
Cloudbeds’ powerful integrations help drive growth

Having Cloudbeds changed our user and hotel management experience at our hotels. It's very simple to both implement and use, and allows us to have a clear vision of how the hotels are doing no matter where we are.
Florencia Le Rose, Co-Owner at Up Hoteles

The Up Hoteles concept originally started in the vibrant city of Buenos Aires as a hotel management enterprise with the mission of closing the gap between its guests and the local culture. The hotel group is made up of eight elegant hotels that are impeccably located and offer affordable rates with service levels that exceed the typical expectations of a midscale offering. 

Three partners joined together to form the Up Hoteles hotel group: Florencia Le Rose, Gonzalo Dieguez, and Nicolas Catalano. They met in their 20s while working at the hotel known today as Up Tribeca, a 60-room property that is now part of the Up Hoteles group. Years later (and with more experience under their belt), the three partnered together to focus on changing the life cycle of existing hotels and giving them a new format under a single brand. “We strive to make all our guests feel at home, working with our teams to offer them a friendly environment so that they can get to know the city through our eyes,” explained Florencia.

Although Up Hoteles was first created as a chain of hotels in Buenos Aires, it continues to expand its horizons internationally, including a location in Miami, Florida.  

The need for process automation

From the beginning, the partners behind Up Hoteles clearly understood that they needed a comprehensive software partner that would allow them to automate and streamline internal processes. With multiple properties involved, they needed an easy-to-implement solution that would be simple to adopt at each Up Hoteles location.  

It was also important that the selected software solution be intuitive and user-friendly, thus empowering their work teams and facilitating the training of new staff.

A strategic partner from day one

Up Hoteles started using the Cloudbeds platform in 2018 when they opened the first hotel in the group. “Before this, we’d used all kinds of PMSs, and I remember the day we got to know Cloudbeds. Florencia, my partner, said to me: ‘You’ve got to try this tool. It’s what we’ve been looking for,'” remembered Nicolas.

As the hotel group continued growing, new Up Hoteles properties easily adopted the Cloudbeds platform, thanks to its simple implementation and intuitive interface. In Nicolas’ own words:

Without a doubt, day-to-day tasks become a lot easier with Cloudbeds, whether it's being able to use it on a mobile phone or its user-friendly interface.

A platform that simplifies and optimizes operations

With Cloudbeds, Up Hoteles was able to achieve greater optimization of its daily operations, improve its customer experience, and increase property management efficiency.

 “With Cloudbeds, our hotel use and management experience changed,” explained Florencia. “It’s an essential tool for us because it allows us to carry out all aspects of our work. It is very simple to implement and use, and it allows us to have a clear picture of how hotels are doing no matter where we are.”

Employee training is easy thanks to Cloudbeds’ intuitive, user-friendly interface. The platform is used mostly by hotel operation teams, such as the reception staff, housekeeping personnel, and sales teams. The latter uses rate, stock, and statistics management tools to monitor stock and rates in real-time and make strategic business decisions.

Cloudbeds integrations help support business growth

For the Up Hoteles team, the integrations provided by Cloudbeds have been essential for the growth of the business. “We try to use other technologies that are compatible with Cloudbeds for a more comprehensive experience,” Florencia commented. Today, Up Hoteles uses communication integrations with AI to help answer questions from guests and potential guests, including revenue management tools that allow quick and effective decision-making about pricing. According to Nicolas, “It’s a tool that’s evolving continuously, which even now allows us to achieve better results in our daily tasks.”

Nicolas recommends that other hotel management enterprises use Cloudbeds because:

Cloudbeds has transformed the day-to-day operations of our hotels. For us, this is an extremely powerful tool, and we're very happy that we decided to include it as a strategic partner in our business.

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