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Feb, 2024


Introducing Owners Portal by Omniboost!

Empower independent owners to view their unit’s real-time availability, book owner-occupied reservations, and monitor future reservations. Gain complete financial oversight with configurable statements, including commission payouts and overhead costs.

Jan, 2024


New Cloudbeds Integrations

Cegid Revo – Cegid Revo is a Restaurant Point of Sale system. It pulls in-house reservations and posts items from the property bar/restaurant bills into Cloudbeds reservation folio. The POS app can also void transactions in the reservation folio. Cegid Revo is only compatible with iOS devices.
StayFi -retrieves guest reservation details daily and offers customized Email Marketing Communication about promotions to their guest. The email communication can be pre-stay, during stay or post-stay for surveys. StayFI also offers a Hardware for Wi-Fi management and WiFi occupant use email alerts to properties.
Sage Intacct by Omniboost – pulls transaction data from Cloudbeds and posts journals to Sage Intacct. With Sage Intacct, you can completely synchronize your accounting system and streamline operations with real-time access to all your financial information from one central place.
Italy Police Report – All properties in Italy must report their checked-in guests to the Police Department daily via a dedicated portal. Add the integration in the marketplace to sign up for this free integration, which Cloudbeds provides for customers in the Italy region.
Spain, Basque Fiscal Recipes (Ticketbai) – The Basque region mandates the use of the TicketBAI system (regional tax authority platform) for fiscalisation purposes, with the need to send all tax information to the provincial treasury. This is a free integration you can add in the Cloudbeds Marketplace that we provide in the Basque region.

Jan, 2024


New Cloudbeds Integrations:

Hotefy by Orderlina Hotefy is a web-based hotel app that helps hoteliers improve the guest experience, increase revenue, and reduce operational costs. Hotefy is a fully customizable app integrated with Cloudbeds.

Metasphere Technologies – Metasphere’s Self Check-In Hub and Hotel CRM streamline guest experiences with automated check-in/out, real-time insights, and loyalty programs. 

Q3 Aurelia pulls transactions from Cloudbeds to create accounting journals in their account system. 
HKeeper – automates task assignments, boosts productivity, and cuts management costs.
MovingLake is a one-way connection pulling data from Cloudbeds to send this information to other apps and software like PowerBI. Connecting Cloudbeds to a connector (a destination app) is very simple and you can choose which information you want to sync.
Last app – is a Restaurant Point of Sale System. LastApp POS post items into Cloudbeds reservation folio, for both pre-paid items and items to be added to the overall reservation. The POS app can also void transactions into the reservation folio.
4WiFi will pull your room number and reservations to post charges for the wifi service in your Cloudbeds account. Once you can access the 4WiFi Platform, you can connect your instance to your Cloudbeds property with a few mouse clicks. Once connected, we synchronize your Guest WiFi with the guests you have checked in on-site.

Jan, 2024


New Cloudbeds Integrations

  • Minut: Integrate your properties with Minut for real-time noise monitoring. This feature automatically notifies guests to maintain tranquility, ensuring a peaceful environment for everyone.
  • Beyond: Elevate your revenue management strategy for vacation rentals. Beyond provides seamless data integration for dynamic pricing, offering valuable insights to enhance your revenue tactics.
  • Mecx-Tech Payment Solutions: Seamlessly connect with payment gateways such as ABA PayWay, CyberSource, ECPay, and OnePay, specifically catering to the South East Asian market.
  • Aiva by Enhance direct booking experiences by streamlining the process of gift card redemption. Aiva makes verification simple and efficient, promoting a smoother booking experience.
  • Xendit Payment Processing: Upgrade your online booking system with Xendit. Facilitate secure and reliable online reservation payments, enriching customer convenience and trust.
  • efficiently extracts reservation and transaction data from Cloudbeds PMS. This integration simplifies SAFT-PT tax reporting, making it an automatic and hassle-free process.

Nov, 2023


A reimagined Cloudbeds Booking Engine is coming soon!

We are excited to give you a sneak peek of the reimagined Cloudbeds Booking Engine! This update will feature enhancements that will transform your guest booking journey.

Nov, 2023


Whistle for Cloudbeds: New features

Whistle for Cloudbeds keeps bringing great features for guest communication, making it even easier for hospitality professionals to stay in touch with their guests.

We’re thrilled to announce that Whistle for Cloudbeds now includes:

  • Multi-Guest App: Create content as different as your room types with Whistle’s new Multi-Guest App. Build tailored experiences for your guests by customizing your guest app, and delivering the right information to the right guests.
  • Message Automation optimization: Automating messages just got even easier! Ensure guests never miss a message with two new options: Reservation Changed and Missed Messages.
  • Primary Guest Selection: We got your feedback that managing multiple guest reservations with one contact can be confusing. Now when a message comes in from a number or email address associated with more than one guest, you can assign a primary guest to the contact, keeping a unique conversation thread per unique guest.
  • WhatsApp Opt-in Engine: WhatsApp consent got you down? Messages will now be held in a queue for 72 hours until a customer confirms consent.
  • Flexipass Webkeys: No app, no problem! Whistle for Cloudbeds now supports Flexipass Webkeys, allowing your guests to access their room key directly from your Whistle guestbook. Say goodbye to external app downloads and hello to integrated key access (only available with supported Flexipass integration).

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