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Q2 Product Updates
Q2 Product Updates

What's new at Cloudbeds
April 2024

Welcome to the Cloudbeds Compass Hub – your ultimate destination for staying up-to-date with noteworthy product updates!

Product updates are exciting – learning about them…not so much. We promise to give you the most notable bite-sized highlights so you can see what’s new and start utilizing your updated tools right away. So, without further ado🥁:


We welcome you to see this quarter’s hottest updates🔥

Rather read about them instead? We see you! 👀 Scroll to skim the highlights below.


Powering your digital marketing

Demo by Jereme Peters, Product Director


Retargeting: Leave no potential guest behind 🔍

Unlock the power of AI-driven retargeting to reignite engagement and maximize conversions. With Cloudbeds Retargeting, you can capture lost reservations and target travelers who are actively planning their stay on your website but haven’t yet completed their booking.  

Say goodbye to the hassle of crafting ad creatives manually – let our AI do the heavy lifting for you. 

Easily run ads on popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google partners, allowing you to reengage potential guests with dynamic display ads that are tailored to their interests and behavior.

Reach the website visitors who didn’t convert


Reputation: Now backed by AI 🦾

Gone are the days of managing Google reviews manually – our AI-powered, automated reputation management tool crafts personalized responses that enhance your Google Business Profile (GBP) and bolster your hotel’s web reputation.

With our platform, you can effortlessly improve your star ratings, boost your reputation, and drive conversions. It offers a seamless and efficient review management process designed with simplicity in mind. 

Discover efficient review management


Cloudbeds Payments

Demo by Cindy Alonso, Product Manager 


Simplifying your payments 

Pay by Link: Now supports Google Pay, Apple Pay, Oxxo, and Affirm, oh my! 😮

Pay by Link – the secure method to request and receive payments directly from your guests via email, SMS, or chat – now supports Google Pay, Apple Pay, Oxxo, and Affirm.

Guests can now enjoy the ease of completing transactions with just a tap, whether they prefer using their preferred digital wallet or opting for alternative payment methods. 

Tap to pay: You tap, I dip, we chip 💳

Cloudbeds Payments uses the newest, and most secure payment terminal on the market. Tap, dip and chip, or swipe all major credit cards.

Stay tuned for upcoming Cloudbeds Payments updates:

  • Booking Engine payment options
  • Payments portal
  • Smart policies for automation
  • Pay by Link: Whistle integration
  • Surcharge


New article: Unlock the true value of integrated hotel payment systems


Introducing the new booking engine 


Experience the booking engine’s redesigned UX 

Overview by Daria Brusenska, Senior UX Designer

Switch to the new Booking Engine to supercharge your direct bookings 🚀

Embarking on a complete redesign of the booking engine was both thrilling and daunting, much like undertaking a hotel renovation. What drove us forward was our unwavering dedication to enhancing the guest experience. 

Using insights from guest behavior analysis, we emphasized the importance of engaging visuals, transparent pricing, and accessible policies – every enhancement is geared toward creating a memorable and immersive experience for guests. 

The latest version of the Booking Engine is now available to ALL customers on ALL packages 


Insights from a fellow hotelier

Hear what hotelier Hendrik from Hotel Quellenhof has to say about his firsthand experience with the new Cloudbeds Booking Engine. As someone with a background in UX, Hendrik shares his perspective on, revenue-driving strategies and the future of the Booking Engine.

Curious about Hotel Quellenhof? 


Whistle for Cloudbeds introduces digital check-in

Overview by Christopher Hovanessian, Senior Product Manager

You too can now modernize your guests’ arrival experience by offering a streamlined, contactless check-in process with Digital Check-in via Whistle for Cloudbeds. Guests can now conveniently provide their information prior to arrival, ensuring a smooth transition into their stay.

As a bonus, ID Verification adds an extra layer of security by authenticating guests and preventing fraudulent activity. Plus, the Cloudbeds native mobile app now includes Guest App Chat and Guest Chat, facilitating communication between hosts and guests.

With more Whistle functionality on the horizon, this update marks the beginning of an even more personalized and efficient guest experience within the Cloudbeds PMS.


Enhance the guest experience at your property  


Presenting the benefits of using a central reservation system (CRS) 

Overview by Jeremee Peters, Product Director

A CRS plays a pivotal role in your operations by handling crucial tasks in real-time. From processing search requests to creating reservations seamlessly, it ensures a smooth booking experience for your guests. Moreover, with the ability to develop complex rate plans, you can effectively tailor pricing strategies to suit your business goals and market demands.

But that’s not all – our CRS connection goes beyond basic functionalities. With advanced segmentation features, you can target specific guest demographics and customize your offerings to their preferences, enhancing their overall experience.


Discover the basics of CRS and how it can uplift your bottom line.

Thank you for staying with us ’til the end!
We’re working hard behind the scenes to bring you more innovative solutions next quarter. Until next time 👋


How to increase profitability and direct bookings

Perfecting direct bookings through an integrated booking engine is essential for maximizing guest experience and profitability.
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