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Maximize online presence and drive more reservations
Boost revenue with Cloudbeds Amplify – a hospitality-focused digital marketing solution run by a partner you trust.
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Find and engage interested travelers wherever they are online.

We’ll help you stand out online and attract more bookings on your website from travelers who are actively conducting searches.

Boost your online visibility

Experience an expertly executed digital marketing strategy across multiple sites and platforms for maximum exposure.

Own your guest data and experience

Gain control of your entire guest booking experience, making it easier to earn guest loyalty and generate repeat business in the future.

Draw travelers back to your website

Re-engage potential guests who have left your hotel website without finalizing their booking with targeted display ads, implemented by our team.

Convert lookers into bookers using a captivating, SEO-friendly website.

Create a functional and visually stunning hotel booking website that is optimized for search engines and increases your direct revenue.

Customize unique website templates to match your brand

All Cloudbeds Amplify Website templates are professionally-designed, tailored for the lodging industry, and accessible for all individuals on every device – mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Learn more about our Audioeye ADA accessibility integration.

Enhance your property’s searchability with SEO

Benefit from search engine optimization (SEO) best practices to ensure your property is easily discoverable by potential guests on search engines.

Promote your property with digital marketing tools

Take advantage of tracking pixels from platforms like Google to effectively market your property, track activity, and measure conversions.

Stand out online and surpass your competitors.

Our team will help your business increase exposure, build awareness, and attract bookings with with a strong digital marketing presence.

Gain market share

Show up in paid search results alongside OTAs and other competing properties in your area, encouraging travelers to book directly with your property.

Drive more bookings

Our hospitality marketing experts will showcase your property’s best available rate, conduct keyword research, and optimize campaign bids to reach your target audience and drive traffic to your website.

Effortlessly Monitor performance

With all your campaigns and guest data in one integrated platform, you can easily view results on your dashboard and track ROI to make data-driven decisions.
Cloudbeds Amplify is a one-stop shop that positions our property in the right places to boost our visibility, reach more guests and drive more revenue. So far, we have seen a 5X return on investment.
- Carlos Gonzalez, Owner of The Vaquero Motel

Not a digital marketing expert?
Let us handle it for you.


Our team will showcase your property’s best available rate on Google Hotel Ads, Trivago, and Tripadvisor.
Benefit from strategically placed listings across the hotel industry’s top metasearch websites
Achieve competitive results alongside OTA listings
Gain visibility over organic metasearch results
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Full listings management

We’ll help keep your business listings accurate and up-to-date to develop a strong search presence and establish your online credibility.
Ensure your business information remains current across multiple platforms
Attain greater presence in organic and paid search
Establish trust with travelers through credible business listings, including Google Business Profile and more


When potential guests leave your website without booking, we’ll retarget them with display ads to encourage them to finish booking.
Stay top-of-mind with strategically-placed display ads across the web
Gain influence over travelers who are actively planning their stay
Reengage travelers already interested in your property
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Cloudbeds Amplify websites are built by hospitality industry experts and website design professionals to convert online visitors into guests.
Experience unique website templates you can edit directly from Cloudbeds
Gain an SEO-friendly website that’s integrated with your booking engine
Have confidence knowing your website is secure and accessible for all visitors

Real reviews from lodging businesses like yours

"I don't have to check five different systems because Cloudbeds is my booking engine, website, channel manager, PMS, and revenue management tool."
Marco Leibundgut
Co-owner and Host at Bogentrakt
"Cloudbeds Amplify is becoming extremely valuable for our properties. We’ve been able to shift our distribution mix towards more direct bookings. So far, we have seen a 6.6x return on investment."
Sahad Kassam
Head of Asset Management at Roadside Hospitality
"With Cloudbeds I have a system that’s both easy to use and robust, helping me provide an exceptional and safe experience for my guests."
Annie Coe
Owner of The Cabot Lodge
"Having Cloudbeds changed our user and hotel management experience at our hotels. It's very simple to both implement and use, and allows us to have a clear vision of how the hotels are doing no matter where we are."
Florencia Le Rose
Co-owner of Up Hoteles
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Get Loud: An exhaustive DIY guide to boosting your property’s online presence & driving more reservations

Do you want to stand out against your competitors online, convert more guests, and increase your bookings, but you’re unsure about where to start? We’ve created an extensive DIY digital marketing guide complete with 8 key tactics to boost your online presence.

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Start gaining online visibility and winning more reservations for your property.

Talk to our team.

Thank you for your interest in CB Amplify. Please check your email for more information.

What is the difference between retargeting and remarketing?

Retargeting involves showing paid display ads (or banner ads) to users after they have abandoned your property’s website without completing a booking. Remarketing typically involves collecting user data for email marketing campaigns.

How do I create a hotel marketing plan?

Successful hotel marketing plans consist of a balance of paid media, owned media, and earned media. The 5 key steps for hoteliers to follow when creating a hotel marketing campaign are to create a compelling brand, highlight your key value propositions, identify your target markets, activate your channels, and measure results. Visit our blog to learn more about how to implement a strategic anf profitable hotel marketing plan.

How can I promote my hotel?

The best way to promote your hotel is to ensure you’re getting in front of travelers during their traveler journey in all stages, including: dreaming, planning, booking, experiencing, and sharing. Travelers visit a multitude of websites during this journey, so it’s important to be present on digital marketing channels like search engines, metasearch engines, websites, and more, to encourage bookings. Your website is the foundation to a strong online presence, so it’s essential that it delivers a positive user experience across all devices from desktop to smartphones, has consistent and targeted messaging, and includes actionable calls to action, such as “book now.”

What are the benefits of a hotel marketing strategy?

Marking your hotel online does more than just allow your property to reach more travelers. A strong online presence helps your hotel brand stand out from the competition. A strong strategy proves long-term value by allowing you to fully own your guest experience from the very beginning – before they even check in – by establishing rapport, offering upsells, and remarketing those guests for repeat business in the future. By using Cloudbeds Amplify hotel marketing solutions you can benefit from done-for-you marketing services run by experts so you can focus on running your business and delivering a memorable guest experience.

What is local SEO?

Local search, or local SEO, involves optimizing your property’s Google Business Profile to strengthen your presence in local search results. Ensuring your business information is accurate and up-to-date influences your overall authority as a credible business (as deemed by Google). This, in turn, helps boost your ranking across search engines, directories, apps, and data aggregators across the web.

What is the difference between metasearch and search engine marketing?

Though both are types of search engines, to distinguish the two:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) includes:

  • Bidding on keywords that travelers type into the search
  • If a bid is won, your website’s SEM ad shows up in prime placements on the search engine results page’s (SERP) ad space

Metasearch engines:

  • Pull in rates and availability directly from your PMS
  • Create a list of options for online users to compare and book
  • Pull in and compare a list of pricing rates from both hotels and OTAs

How can I use social media to promote my hotel?

Social media channels are effective at attracting potential customers to your property and building brand awareness. See our article, ‘10 ideas for your hotel’s social media marketing strategy in 2022,’ to learn more about which social media platforms you can use to build your property’s social media presence.

How can I measure the effectiveness of my hotel's digital marketing?

When it comes to measuring the impact of your digital marketing efforts, data is your best resource. It’s important to establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and utilize data analytics to measure things like conversions, hotel revenue generated, occupancy rates, Return on Investment (ROI), bounce rates, site traffic, and more.
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